Benefits of Having an Electric Water Heater

Picking the ideal water heater can considerably affect your utility bills. In fact, the Department of Energy claimed that water heating tends to be the second major expense in homes. Even if you have numerous water-heating choices to choose from, the following items below are a few of the extra perks that come with electric water heaters Longview TX: 


Heat pumps 

A heat pump is a kind of electrical water heating unit that destroys all the standard models’ “rules.” This type of water heater transmits heat rather than producing it and allows you to save substantial energy over time.  

Gas line  

One more benefit that electric water can offer over gas-powered units is that they don’t have to be connected to a gas line. Even though has line connections are very prevalent all over the US, they are not universal yet. Almost all homes have a connection to the electrical grid.  

Upfront Cost 

The lower upfront cost is probably among the most typical benefits you can get if you use an electrical-powered water heating unit. Remember that gas-powered heaters, which cost almost double the price of an electric water heater, are usually quite more costly compared to the latter. Moreover, the installation of gas water heaters can be more costly since it would cost a few hundred dollars more for every unit to install.  


Electric water heater units offer an integral advantage compared to gas heaters since they are commonly a lot safer to use and install. Appliances that are gas-powered may slightly pose threats of having leaks. This risk needs you to take additional precautions as you install such units, costing you extra money and time. Electric units don’t need a similar sort of safety measure. Hence, those additional costs and hassles can be prevented.  


Generally, an electric-powered water heater lasts longer compared to gas water heaters. Because of that, the former stands out for many consumers. Apart from that, if equated to electric water heaters, gas water heaters need a pilot light to function, causing it to wear over time, needing extra maintenance.  

Customizable, convenient, and fast electric 

Since there are no additional vents, pipes, or methods of complex distribution to be concerned about, an electric water heater installation can be done in no time. Even if your house requires an electrical repair that disrupts the installation, a quite rare instance, the expense and the time are still less compared to what you’ll be dealing with once you choose to install a gas water heater in your property. 

Apart from that, electric water heaters come in various sizes, making them easier to access and allows you to cut down your need for additional waiting time and special orders.  

When you believe that a unit of an electric water heater would be a great choice for you, it’s best to reach out to your trusted plumber or find a reputable plumbing company to have all your inquiries about different types of water heaters answered. Make sure to only leave the installation to the hands of these experts to ensure the quality of the unit.